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Mission and Vision Statement

Mission- P.S. 204 is committed to creating a school culture that celebrates the identities and contributions of all community members. We value and acknowledge the cultural backgrounds of all and embrace the customs, traditions, and beliefs of children, families, and staff. We believe that in order to create life-long learners, we must first provide opportunities where students feel safe and empowered. We work to cultivate an optimal learning environment where all voices are heard. At P.S. 204, we promote curiosity, self-advocacy and academic rigor. Our goal is to spark a love for learning and to facilitate meaningful experiences that resonate with all our students. 

Vision- P.S. 204 will cultivate a collaborative learning environment that promotes perseverance and inspires the love of learning. The vision of P.S. 204 is to engage students in meaningful, culturally relevant discourse that lays the groundwork for anti-racist practices. Students take ownership of their learning, engage in meaningful discussions as well as critical thinking, while demonstrating empathy and kindness. P.S. 204 seeks to create a space where students are encouraged to reflect upon their experiences and identities while considering multiple perspectives of historical accounts from diverse voices.  We define diversity as a focus on racial identity, linguistic background, ethnicity, gender, physical ability, academic ability, family structure, and religion. We consider these to be assets in teaching and learning. It is our responsibility to prepare our students to be the future leaders of the world they will inherit.